Height at two a predictor of adult height


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So…the time has come, to measure The Captain’s height.  As his second fabulous year comes to a close, for curiosities sake I will measure his height and record it for prosperity.

Apparently height at two years is approximately half the expected adult height.

Siobhan Pittock, M.D., Pediatric Endocrinology, of the mayo clinic says this on the matter:

A child’s height at age 2 may be predictive of…

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The Nocebo Effect and Childbirth


                       Have you heard of ‘nocebo effect’ before?

The nocebo effect is different to general fear or uncertainty.  The nocebo effect is the opposite of a placebo effect: it is the absolute belief in a negative outcome. In Latin it means “I will harm”.

                    Do you think it effects women in labour?

I would argue that if your medical care…

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The Coming of Spock: Mothering in the 60’s


 “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”  (opening lines from The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care)


Along Came a Doctor called Spock

His revolutionary tale’s a shock

Instinct was in

Goodbye to the King

and the troublesome Plunket Clock

A change for the better, this still popular book, set out on the premise that Mother knows best.  This approach to parent gave mothers…

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King of the Babies: Mothering in the 40’s and 50’s


This is Truby King (1 April 1858 – 10 February 1938).

There once was a Man Named King

Some his praises they sing

But the babies just cried,

The mothers were fried

And it passed as another Fad Thing.


Only….there are still some who would have you follow the Truby King ways.  This outdated method of baby care has influenced many of the ‘great’ baby training methods being peddled today.  Like…

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The Informed Decision

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I am reblogging this because it is very important to understand that their is NO One Way. The very nature of the informed decision means that we will come to different conclusions: “different people facing similar decisions will make different choices.”

You will know you have reached an informed decision because you will be comfortable and confident in your choice AND the choices of…

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No, really - You DO NOT Need a Doula

No, really – You DO NOT Need a Doula


step one: does your care provider match your birth philosophy?
The ‘general considerations’ section of ‘Plan Bellabirth: Informed BirthPlanning’ can take WEEKS to work through. An honest doula can help you process this, but it is important to be open about what you really want.

A doula is not a guarantee…

Originally posted on Doula, Anonymous.:

When I first started out as a doula it…

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Journey of a Modern Woman

balancing act


A few years back,  perusing the internet, I stumbled onto ‘enzo truth’.


I was reading their page about attachment parenting, or rather their justification of babywise in the face of critics who are mostly AP advocates.  They made mention of their book for older children, which advocates spanking (in a controlled way, of course) and challenged the importance of the mother-child bond,…

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