Lavendilly Story Time: The Ringing Bell

Lavendilly Story Time: The Ringing Bell


Jennifer tells the story of her daughters birth, not her Plan A, but a story that highlights that deviation from expectation do not need to be dramatic or traumatic. That even the birth you most wish to avoid, can be a wonderful beginning.

This is a story that tells us that Positive Language makes a difference. The Little Fairy will grow up knowing her birth was a positive one, a…

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From little things, big things grow.

From little things, big things grow.

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A few days ago, I went to pick up my 11 and 7 year old daughters from a holiday stint with my parents.

As we greeted each other with hugs, my 11 year old did not hesitate in telling me, with great concern, that she saw something terrible when she was in the car with my dad – a van that said all girls were sluts who want…

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Monkey See, Monkey Do.


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Do your children watch television?

          What kind of toys do they play with?

                     How do the adults in their life behave?

                             What are they exposed to if they go to playgroup/mothers group or daycare/preschool/school?


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Cheers to Childbirth: A Dad’s Guide to Childbirth Support - a review

Cheers to Childbirth: A Dad’s Guide to Childbirth Support – a review

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Originally posted on bellabirth: informed birth and parenting:

Book Review by Catherine Bell

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Cheers to Childbirth: A Dad’s Guide to Childbirth Support

Author of Cheers to Childbirth, Lucy Perry, is the founder of Beer and Bubs, a birth education session aimed at dads-to-be.

I opened my shining new copy of this book nervously…I always worry when a book has been…

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