The Semantics of Motherhood

The Semantics of Motherhood

It is interesting, the semantics.

From “bragging”…is it bragging to say how awesome you feel? A birth doesn’t have to be natural for a woman to feel empowered and ‘to brag’ about it…but I guess it is the natural ones that grate the most? It is really important to share positive experience, but I guess there is a fine line between ‘encouragement’ and ‘judgement’?

One area of particular…

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Bragging about your birth? Let’s see more of it!

Bragging about your birth? Let’s see more of it!


Sprout and About’s wonderful Lizzie has written a brag worthy post!

Over the next couple of days you will hear more from me in this ‘field’. Semantics and taboos….coming to you this week!

Originally posted on Sprout and About:

Every now and then an article comes along that just pushes buttons. That’s what it’s designed for.  The writer knows it will push buttons. That’s why they write…

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It’s my Birth and I’ll Brag if I want to!

It’s my Birth and I’ll Brag if I want to!


If hearing a positive experience of someone else, you feel ‘guilt’ or attacked or belittled…this means you need to reflect on yourself.

Why does the positive, rejoicement, celebrating ways of another offend you so much?

Why is it ‘bragging’? and who are ‘you’ to decide what someone can and can’t celebrate?

Positive stories are ESSENTIAL. and a positive birth is not ‘lucky’.


Women who have…

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The Pitfalls of ‘Going With The Flow’ in Birth

The Pitfalls of ‘Going With The Flow’ in Birth


I came across this a couple of years ago…and I thought “but I plan to ‘go with the flow’!”. So indignantly I read the article, and saw that the term ‘go with the flow’ did not translate the same for everyone.

To me, to go with the flow meant that I would surrender to MY body, I would welcome the sensations, and listen to my instinct, trust my ability and allow the process to unfold.…

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Keep It Simple, Sister!


The Bellabirth™ philosophy is firmly entrenched in the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Sister. But the reality is, to get to a simplified state of mind, one must first wade through a myriad of chaos.

Birth and breastfeeding are biological processes…left well enough alone, with confidence and support, a woman should be able to birth and breastfeed. It is very rare, biologically speaking, for…

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Creating Your Visual Birth Plan

Creating Your Visual Birth Plan


A marvellous, and novel, way to present a birth plan….but be sure to take the time to investigate your options and discuss them with your care providers. No matter how well you present your plan, it is the planNING that is important. Making sure you understand the evidence behind each preference and that your care providers will support it. Making sure your birth team understand the…

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Lavendilly Story Time: The Ringing Bell

Lavendilly Story Time: The Ringing Bell


Jennifer tells the story of her daughters birth, not her Plan A, but a story that highlights that deviation from expectation do not need to be dramatic or traumatic. That even the birth you most wish to avoid, can be a wonderful beginning.

This is a story that tells us that Positive Language makes a difference. The Little Fairy will grow up knowing her birth was a positive one, a…

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