Doulas and Sherpas: Keys to Success!



This is Sir Edmond Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing.  A sherpa is to climping Everest, as a doula is to navigating the maternity system and preparing for birth.

Just as Sherpas are a specific group of experienced people, so are doulas. As you will see in the link about sherpas, not all sherpas are the same, you need to find your ‘best fit’.  So it is with doulas.  And as the final statement in the…

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Never Assume Anything!


This post originates here.

“At the hospital they told me I have to…”
Why is it that I am still fielding questions beginning like this!

Whether it is an intervention in the lead up to birth, during birth or post birth, questions starting with this set off alarm bells.

The main problem is that we begin on the assumption that our careproviders are focused on us.  We assume they are providing us with…

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The Road Less Travelled.


You have the opportunity to Travel.

How will you get there?

getting there

So many options.

What will influence your choice?


Who will travel with you?


Depending on what you choose; you could be in for a life changing Adventure, or a bog-standard journey.

Who you travel with will significantly alter the Journey – whether for the better or worse.

Choose your companions carefully.

Even if your ultimate goal is…

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If You Knew Then What You Know Now…

Is there a piece of advice that you wish your pre-Mother self had received?

As you planned for birth,was there a book you wish you’d read before?
Or a bit of information that might have led to a different decision?

Did you feel prepared?
Where you excited about experiencing birth, or did you dread it?

Had you heard Awesome things? or Awful things?

Did you decorate a nursery?

Where there things…

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The Long Goodbye

mother and child

Jodi the doula wrote about the juxtaposition in mothering: the wonder of it and the reality of it.  That in the daily grind of mothering, we can forget that ‘this too shall pass’ applies to the precious moments as much as the difficulties.

When the days are long, remember, the years are short…

                                      this too shall pass…

Whether we are bogged down in the drudgery…

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Please, Pass the Salt

Question Everything!

social media specialist job

The above screen shot is for a job advertised in September 2014.

What do you imagine this job would entail?

You don’t have to look far to see the possibilities:

Product placement in social media, established profiles creating ‘legitimate’ and ‘impartial’ posts, comments and likes.  Facebook pages created and filled with paid ‘likers’ and bought profiles.  Groups with members who are not quite…

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The Beast of Fear


I stood transfixed, unable to move.  The huge beast loomed towards me.  I was powerless to stop it.  Its black form made it hard to see its features, its speed made it impossible to defend myself.  I can smell its breath as it overcomes me, its teeth and claws threatening to destroy me.

These beasts are everywhere, day and night.  There is no escaping them. No defence.

Some brave warriers…

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Birth Plans vs Birth Ideals: Knowing What You Want, With The Knowledge That Your Captain is a Newborn

Birth Plans vs Birth Ideals: Knowing What You Want, With The Knowledge That Your Captain is a Newborn


Here is an example of Informed Birth Planning. This birth deviated from the mother’s ideal plan. But she still had a positive experience because she had considered the what if’s and was able to change paths with acceptance and confidence. She says her plan was thrown out…she means her ideal plan.

A few points I particularly liked:
“To me, knowledge is comforting, it makes me feel…

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Baby born on side of road. Birth Plan thrown out.


Looking at the news headlines (yawn) and a ‘road side delivery’ catches my eye. As usual, the mother barely rates a mention and the ‘birth plan was thrown out’.

It is beyond me as to why a labouring woman should have to relocate to the birth location. But that is the standard practise. We are told to ‘stay home as long as possible’, which, of course, means travelling in the intensity of labour…

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