The Informed Decision

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I am reblogging this because it is very important to understand that their is NO One Way. The very nature of the informed decision means that we will come to different conclusions: “different people facing similar decisions will make different choices.”

You will know you have reached an informed decision because you will be comfortable and confident in your choice AND the choices of…

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No, really - You DO NOT Need a Doula

No, really – You DO NOT Need a Doula


step one: does your care provider match your birth philosophy?
The ‘general considerations’ section of ‘Plan Bellabirth: Informed BirthPlanning’ can take WEEKS to work through. An honest doula can help you process this, but it is important to be open about what you really want.

A doula is not a guarantee…

Originally posted on Doula, Anonymous.:

When I first started out as a doula it…

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Journey of a Modern Woman

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A few years back,  perusing the internet, I stumbled onto ‘enzo truth’.


I was reading their page about attachment parenting, or rather their justification of babywise in the face of critics who are mostly AP advocates.  They made mention of their book for older children, which advocates spanking (in a controlled way, of course) and challenged the importance of the mother-child bond,…

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Get Back in Your Box!

Get Back in Your Box!


I am feeling a little sad today.

Not sad for me.

Sad for ‘them’.

Sad for ‘us’.

From 5 years old most children are herded off to school. This in its self is not sad. Most kids seems quite happy with this arrangement.

But it means ‘we the people’ miss out on Kids.

It strikes me as strange, because until you operate outside of this, you don’t even notice it.

There is no village.

If your children…

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Support for all Mums

Support for all Mums

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Originally posted on bellabirth: informed birth and parenting:

Dear World,

Why do I keep harping on about Informed Birth Planning?

because I am on a MISSION:

To provide all women with the means to make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy care, labour, birth and parenting.
This matters because the current maternity system does not encourage women to own, trust or actively participate in…

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it is not a competition

it is not a competition


it is not a competition: finding your own birth mojo is about being honest with yourself.

This is About You, not anyone else.  

The brilliant Penny Simkin provides a tool to assist the process of finding where your comfort level is on the scale of birth options, and how your birth teams can support you in achieving this.

The marvellous Rhea Dempsey also provides avenues for discovering where…

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